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Commonly Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of analyzing your new or existing website, researching your market’s search habits and tendencies. Then, updating your site architecture and content to make sure it coincides with the search terms your market is using to find companies like yours. With effective SEO, it is possible to increase your traffic, and increase sales.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is the process by which we make your new or existing site prominent on the internet by creating targeted marketing campaigns for your business. We make sure your paid advertisements are optimized in order to ensure you get the most out of every penny of your marketing efforts. We also go about a process of giving your company life on social media networks. The entire process creates links to your site, making it more likely for your customers to come across your site.

How do Search Engines Work?

Search Engines utilize “robots” or “crawlers” (programmed functions that scan your website’s file names, link names, titles, and content). These “robots” will periodically scan your website’s code and structure in order to index the information for later recall. Once the “crawler” has scanned your site and returned the information back to the search engine, it is accessible for searching. The search engines will base their results on a mathematical formula, weighing website results on relevancy according to content, titles, file names, and various other criteria. This is why effective SEO strategies will work to optimize each and every aspect of your site.

How can my company be found online?

There exist various ways for your company to be found online. The most significant of which is through search engines with effective internet marketing and organic SEO. Unless a customer knows your website URL, then they will likely rely on a search engine for results. Within search engines, 80% of the traffic will go to organic search engine optimization results. The remainder will go to Paid advertisements, or local listings. It is therefore possible to be found by placing well targeted advertisements online and through placing your company in every directory possible, but the majority of results will come from organic search engine optimization.

What are my expected returns on Investment?

Individual results will differ from company to company, but most clients will see a significant increase in traffic within a few weeks. Therefore it is important to continue analyzing a website and set benchmarks in order to measure positive results. 10 new referrals per month may constitute success for one company, while 5 inquiries into the special offer may mean success for the other. Once benchmarks are set, it is easy to track growth and market dynamics.

What is the best service for my company?

Each company is different and a solution for a company may not be a solution for another. We often come across well designed sites that are invisible to search engines and we will often encounter well optimized sites with bad design. Whichever is the problem, Cybosys works hard to research the best strategies for your site. For best results we recommend a combination of services, and for premium results, we recommend all services.

How long does SEO take?

Each website will differ in amount of time for completion depending on website size, and complexity. SEO can be a one-time or reoccurring process which evolves with market trends and technology. It is therefore important to chose a company that can be flexible with you in order to best provide you with the service you need. Customers will notice an increase in traffic within a few weeks, and can experience the full benefit of their investment in only a few short months.

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