Types of Blog Posts

There are many different ways to use a blog, and lots of different types of posts.

The resources here may inspire you to try out some different styles and see what works for you.

What Type of Post

  • List Post
  • How to Post
  • Informational Post
  • News Post
  • Link Post
  • Interview Post
  • Case Post
  • Profile Post
  • Problem Post
  • Inspirational Post
  • Research Post
  • Prediction Post
  • Critique Post
  • Call to Action Post
  • Review Post

Styles of Blogging

Include a quote and comment on it.

Insight BloggingContains original ideas, commentary on trends
Ambition Blogging Blogging about something with an aim to trying to attain it – usually by targeting the decision makers through a blog post.
Me Me Blogging
Starting a thread of discussion by sharing you response to a query and then challenging other bloggers to answer it on their blogs.
Piggyback BloggingWriting about a topic that is currently popular in the news.
Life BloggingSharing a story or something that happens to you in your personal life.
Brand BloggingA post about a brand or product focusing on sharing positive attributes.
Video QuoteEmbed a video and comment on it.

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